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Judge Andrew Napolitano comments on the completely unconstitutional bill in Massachusetts that will allow the governor to declare an emergency and “allow” police to force their way into your homes to vaccinate you.


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Excerpted from Global Research


Manipulating The Data

There is ample evidence, documented in numerous reports, that the WHO’s level 6 pandemic alert is based on fabricated evidence and a manipulation of the figures on mortality and morbidity resulting from the N1H1 swine flu.

The data initially used to justify the WHO’s Worldwide level 5 alert in April 2009 was extremely scanty. The WHO asserted without evidence that a “global outbreak of the disease is imminent”. It distorted Mexico’s mortality data pertaining to the swine flu pandemic. According to the WHO Director General Dr. Margaret Chan in her official April 29 statement: “So far, 176 people have been killed in Mexico”. From what? Where does she get these numbers? 159 died from influenza out of which only seven deaths, corroborated by lab analysis, resulted from the H1N1 swine flu strain, according to the Mexican Ministry of Health…

…What the CDCP and the WHO are doing is routinely us re-categorizing a large number of cases of common influenza as H1N1 swine flu.

“The increasing number of cases in many countries with sustained community transmission is making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for countries to try and confirm them through laboratory testing. Moreover, the counting of individual cases is now no longer essential in such countries for monitoring either the level or nature of the risk posed by the pandemic virus or to guide implementation of the most appropriate response measures. (WHO, Briefing note, 2009)

…At a June 2009 WHO press conference, the issue of lab testing was raised:

Marion Falco, CNN Atlanta: “My question may be a little basic but if you are not, and so forgive me for that, if you are not requiring testing in the countries that already have well established numbers of cases, then how are you distinguishing between seasonal flu and this particular flu. I mean how are you going to separate the numbers?”

Dr Fukuda, WHO, Geneva: “It is not that we are recommending not doing any testing at all. In fact when the guidance comes out, what it will suggest is what countries are to do is tailor down their testing so that they are not trying to test everybody but certainly keeping up testing of some people for exactly the kinds of reasons that you bring up. When people get sick with an influenza-like illness it will be important for us to know whether is it caused by the pandemic virus or whether is caused by seasonal viruses. What we are indicating is that if you ratchet down the level of testing we will still be able to figure that out and so we do not need to test everybody for that, but we will continue to recommend some level of testing – at a lower level of people who continue to get sick.”

(Dr Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment, WHO, Geneva, July 2009)

Figure that out?? What the foregoing statements by the WHO suggest is that:

1) the WHO is not collecting data on the spread of H1N1 based on systematic lab confirmation.

2) the WHO in fact discourages national health officials to conduct detection and laboratory confirmation, while also pressuring the countries’ public health authorities to duly deliver to the WHO on a weekly basis the data on H1N1 cases.

3) The WHO in its reporting only refers to “confirmed cases” It does not distinguish between confirmed and non-confirmed case. It would appear that the “non-confirmed” cases are categorized as confirmed cases and the numbers are then used by the WHO to prove that the disease is spreading.
(See WHO tables: http://www.who.int/csr/don/2009_07_06/en/index.html)

The swine flu has the same symptoms as seasonal influenza: fever, cough and sore throat. What is happening is that the widespread incidence of the common flu is being used to generate the reports delivered to the WHO pertaining to the H1N1 swine flu. Nonetheless, in the tabulated release of country level data, the WHO uses the term: “number of laboratory-confirmed cases”, while also admitting that the cases are, in many cases, not confirmed.

The WHO establishes trends on the spread of the disease, essentially using unconfirmed data. Based on these extrapolations, the WHO is now claiming, in the absence of laboratory confirmation, that “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” In turn, in the US, the Atlanta based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that “swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren’t successful.” (AP, July 24, 2009).

How did they come up with these numbers?…

Creating a Crisis where there is No Crisis

The underlying political intent is to use the WHO level six pandemic to divert public attention from an impending and far-reaching social crisis, which is largely the consequence of a deep-seated global economic depression.

~ Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), Press Briefing, 11 June 2009

~ Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), Press Briefing, 11 June 2009

“On the basis of … expert assessments of the evidence, the scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met. I have therefore decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert from Phase 5 to Phase 6. The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic. … Calling a pandemic is also a signal to the international community. This is a time where the world’s countries, rich or poor, big or small, must come together in the name of global solidarity to make sure that no countries because of poor resources, no countries’ people should be left behind without help. …The World Health Organization has been in contact with donor communities, development partners, resource poor countries, and also drug companies as well as vaccine companies.”

How best to tame the Nation’s citizens, to rein in people’s resentment in the face of mounting unemployment?

Create a Worldwide pandemic, instill an atmosphere of anxiety and intimidation, which demobilizes meaningful and organized public action against the programmed enrichment of a social minority. The flu pandemic is used to foreclose organized resistance against the government’s economic policies in support of the financial elites. It provides both a pretext and a justification to adopt emergency procedures. Under the existing legislation in the US, Martial Law, implying the suspension of constitutional government, could be invoked in the case of “A Catastrophic Emergency” including a the H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

Worldwide Pandemic

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1942: Canada enters into a secret agreement with Britain and the United States to participate in a program to develop biological weapons. The principal diseases used as starting points included anthrax and brucellosis.

1945: At the end of the war the Agreement was continued into peacetime due to a perceived Communist threat. U.S. hires principal German and Japanese biowar researchers, including Dr. Ishii Shiro who had used allied prisoners to test anthrax and had conducted tests of a ‘mystery’ disease agent in the heartland of New Guinea.

1946: Dr. George Merck, head of the biological research in the U.S. reported in a secret memo that his researchers had learned how to extract the disease toxin from bacteria in a crystalline form suitable for aerosol diffusion.

1949: Several bio-weapons were tested at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. There were two principal classes of weapon: one class to disable and one class to kill.

1952-53: Several bio-weapons were emplopyed by the U.S. in Korea, including brucellosis. Evidence also suggests that a pathogen causing hemorrhagic fever was deployed along the Hantaan River, but it ‘blew back’ over American troops, killing several hundred. D. Carleton Gajdusek (see article by Ms. Heslin this issue) sent by Pentagon to help contain the damage.

1950: Canada agreed to breed one hundred million mosquitoes a month in the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, The mosquitoes were to be contaminated with certain crystalline bacterial toxins and tested on unwitting U.S. and Canadian public. Queens University in Kingston involved.

1957: Carleton Gajdusek turned up in remote New Guinea highlands where hundreds of Fore tribe were suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (kuru).

1969: The Pentagon’s chief researcher asked Congress in a secret meeting for ten million dollars to develop a new weapon which would be ‘refractory’ to the human immune system and for which …”No natural immunity could have been acquired.” In other words, the victims would have a DEFICIENCY of ACQUIRED IMMUNITY. At the same Meeting Dr. MacArthur stated that his researchers were going to try to ‘mutate bacteria and viruses’ to create new microorganisms Which ‘did not naturally exist’. (See Dr. Martin’s “Viteria” this issue).

He again emphasized two classes of weapon: one to and one to kill. Both would have to be on unwitting victims and the tests would be by the U.S. Public Health Agencies (ie The CDC and the National Institutes of Health).

1974:Henry Kissinger wrote National Security Memorandum 200 in which he advised Ford that the world’s population would have be limited as far as its growth was concerned. Such limits would require an increased death rate or birth rate.

1976: U.S. Centers for Disease Control visited most the countries identified by Kissinger as population threats and offered the populace a free vaccination against small pox. Millions received the vaccine and within five years close to sixty percent had a new disease: AIDS. A disease which, Dr. MacArthur had promised the Congressmen, refractory to the human immune system. The population who received the free vaccine had no acquired immunity to the new disease.

1976: A new hepatitis vaccine was also offered in this year to gay men in New York. Over 1000 accepted the vaccination and in five years sixty percent of these had developed AIDS.

1980’s: Tests of new disabling disease pathogens somewhere in the U.S. and Canada. At the same time mystery diseases were breaking out as far away as Incline Village, Nevada St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada. The CDC and NIH were not interested in studying these mystery outbreaks whose symptoms greatly resembled symptoms of brucellosis mutated by the visna virus.

1985-1989: U.S. sells several hundred units of bio-weapons to Iraq for use against Iran. Included in shipments were deadly anthrax plus disabling brucella agents: melitensis, suis and abortis. The latter caused “chronic fatigue” as well as disabling damage to major organs.

1991: Desert Storm Forces attacked by SCUDS. Several hundred thousand U.S., British and Canadian troops become ill with symptoms of mutated brucellosis. (See story on Lt. Richard and Gulf War Protest Oct. 13 in this issue). Allied attack halted immediately after attack by SCUDS. Possibly to prevent a second attack with anthrax armed SCUDS.

1992 to present: U.S., British and Canadian Military tell sick Gulf War Veterans that their illnesses were all in their imagination. NIH agrees !

1999: Veterans told “Pay for your own treatment”.

from Biological Warfare Weapons Development and Testing: A Chronology by Donald C. Scott

© 1999 Journal of Degenerative Diseases Vol 1; Number 1 http://www.carolsweb.net/ccf/biowarfare.htm

Also related to refusals of Gulf War Syndrome Claims:

Gulf War Syndrome Covered Up, Chemical and Biological Agents Exposed
The Pentagon denies that U.S. soldiers were exposed to chemical and biological warfare agents during the Gulf war, but its own records contradict the official line.

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What special powers does the federal government have in a national state of emergency?
The federal government may, at its discretion:

· regulate or prohibit travel when it is deemed necessary for health and safety reasons

· remove people and their possessions from their homes

· use or dispose of non-government property at its discretion

· authorize and pay persons to provide essential services that are deemed necessary

· ration and control essential goods, services and resources

· authorize emergency payments

· establish emergency shelters and hospitals

· assess and repair damaged infrastructure

· convict or indict those who contradict any of the above

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NEWS RELEASE Release: No. H1N1-15 Date Mailed: September-15-2009

For Immediate Release Contact: Rob Potter—959-715-1520 or 310-877-5002

WARNING: Drug Cartel Exposed Creating, Releasing, Injecting, Infecting, and Depopulating Planet with Pandemic H1N1 Swine Flu Viruses and Vaccines

Los Angeles, CA— World leading drug-industry investigators have uncovered stunning documents proving an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, America’s leading consumer health expert, and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released shocking proof in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind everything you ever heard about pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccination. Their documents, being sent through attorneys to the FBI today, evidence powerful industrialists operating a crime ring within “Partnership for New York City” are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions seen everywhere from supermarkets to health clinics.



1. Affidavit is based on my personal knowledge, except where otherwise stated, and, if called upon to do so, I could and would competently testify to the matters herein stated.

2. I am a Harvard University trained certified expert in the fields of behavioral science, health education/health promotion, media persuasion, medical sociology, public health, and emerging diseases. I have additional expertise in natural healing methods and materials, including genetics and electro-genetics, by reason of my academic training, scientific publications, and internationally recognized authority and celebrity in these fields.

3. I openly disclose my bias as a leading author, personal health care educator, consumer protector, alternative and complementary health care specialist, and formulator of natural remedies for public protection and remediation of diseases; and I hold trademarks covering several products that compete with the drug industry’s monopolization of medicine as described herein.


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