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From the Idaho Observer:          http://proliberty.com/observer/20090524.htm

Vaccinated Primates Develop Autism

Reported at the International Meeting For Autism Research, in an  experiment conducted using the same vaccination schedule as is used on human primates (that is, you and your children):

“vaccinated animals, when compared to unvaccinated animals, showed significant neurodevelopmental deficits and “significant associations between specific aberrant social and non-social behaviors, isotope binding, and vaccine exposure.”…

Researchers also reported that “vaccinated animals exhibited progressively severe chronic active inflammation whereas unexposed animals did not” and found “many significant differences in the GI tissue gene expression profiles between vaccinated and unvaccinated animals.”

Delayed/absent development, aberrant and non-social behavior, gastrointestinal issues are a common symptom of children with regressive autism.

The National Autism Association (NAA) questions why the government hasn’t undertaken these vital studies and why researchers have had to depend on private money to perform this critical science that will surely impact the health of millions of children worldwide.


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